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Tactic 1Litre

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Taktic 12.5% w/v is used for the treatment and contol of lice, tics, mites, mange , keds and sheep scab in sheep, cattle and pigs. It is used as a spray in cattle and pigs or can be used as a dip or spray in sheep. The active ingredient in Taktic 12.5% is amitraz and when used as part of a regular cleaning routine will keep your animals free from external parasites such as lice and ticks.

Active Ingredient:


Target Species:

Cattle, Sheep & Pigs

Treats & Controls:

Lice, tics, mites, mange , keds and sheep scab in sheep, cattle and pigs

Administration Route:

Spray or Dip

Withdrawal Period:

4 days for cattle intended for meat and offal, 4 days for cattle producing milk for human consumption. 24 days for sheep intended for meat and offal, NOT suitable for sheep producing milk for human consumption. 1 day for pigs intended for meat or offal.

Dosage Rate:

Cattle – Mix at the rate of 20 ml Taktic with every 10 litres of water. Prepare spray on the day of treatment, using clean water. Spray each animal depending on its live weight with 5 – 10 litres. Spray the whole body of the animal until it is thoroughly wet. In severe cases of mange and lice repeat the treatment after 7 – 10 days. In order to maintain the herd free from mange and lice, it is advisable to carry out regular routine treatments. Treat all animals in a group whether visibly affected or not. For control of ticks, cattle should be treated every 9 – 10 days during the period of risk.

Sheep – For ticks, lice, keds and mange mites including sheep scab, all sheep at risk should be treated. A single treatment will kill ticks and provide protection against reinfestation for up to 6 weeks. For lice and keds treatment should be repeated after 14 days and thereafter, if signs of reinfestation appear. Taktic is approved for control of sheep scab in a single dipping. Taktic has no strong odour – does not cause mis-mothering.

Pigs – Mix at the rate of 40 ml Taktic with every 10 litres of water. Prepare spray on the day of treatment, using clean water. Remove feed from pen and cover drinking bowls. Remove bedding and clean out pens. Treat all animals in a group at the same time, whether visibly affected or not. Use sufficient spray to soak animals thoroughly, paying particular attention to ears, groin and between the forelegs. Scabs need not be removed prior to treatment. During treatment spray walls, floors and fittings in the pen.

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