Natural Stockcare Aqua Lamb 100ml




Newborn lambs (especially those born indoors) are extremely susceptible to bacterial infections caused by unfavourable bacteria (such as e-coli) colonising in the gut. Aqua Lamb will help provide protection from these infections.

Aqua Lamb contains concentrated energy , egg proteins and probiotics to help support immune development and colonisation of the gut with a favourable microbial population. The addition of additional key proteins and trace elements in this supplement ensures it is especially formulated to support lambs in the critical first few days of life.

Aqua Lamb helps support natural defences to the challenges of life and favourable gut colonisation. It provides concentrated energy and supplies egg proteins in a high quality, digestible protein source. It supplies probiotic lactic acid bacteria to help support gut colonisation and supplies immune supporting essential vitamins and trace elements.

A single 2ml feed to be given to newborn lambs, especially those that appear weakly or distressed.
Repeat daily as required.

Dried Egg Powder
Propylene glycol

ADDITIVES: per Litre
Vitamin A acetate (3a672c) 400,000 iu
Vitamin D3 (E671) 100,000 iu
Vitamin E (3a700) 6,000 mg

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